Friends of North Dorset Women’s Refuge was founded in 2000. We aim to raise money for the residents and their children so that we can


    • Provide essentials in each flat
    • Provide extras for families living in the Refuge
    • Raise awareness of domestic abuse
    • Work with Refuge staff to make a difference to the women and children
    • Provide resettlement support

The Friends work together with staff to make life at the Refuge a little better. We have provided computers  and set up a training room. We make sure that fruit is available on a regular basis as well as clothing,
We help by paying for outings and parties as well as providing money when families go into permanent accommodation and need basics such as furniture and equipment. We help you to publicise the needs by offering support and advice when you need it.

Our dream is

that in every community in North Dorset there will be a ‘Champion’ for the Friends who will raise money, encourage people to learn more and generally support the wonderful work done in the very special place – North Dorset Women’s Refuge.





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